duesseldorf photo weekend

I have been invited to exhibit my work in the Plan.D. Gallery from February 10th until March 4th. The gallery is also a part of the Dusseldorf photo weekend, (16th – 18th February) exhibiting collections alongside many other wonderful artists and galleries. Read more here


Coral and Writings colour

presented to the sky

3808 cut

the opera magazine

It was wonderful to receive Volume VI of the beautiful German Magazine ‘The Opera’ today in the post, showcasing pages of my work.

see the magazine here


full interview

my full interview with lomography magazine has been published.

read it here.


heads to sell


waking after

a face that has been changed by all the hours

of travelling towards forgiveness.

the weight of waking after a death 


Felix Schoeller

lines black


with you darker


all darkness is eclipsed

moments of change

french screenings

A beautiful image I was sent of the screening of my work at one of the different screenings/presentations at (Arles, Pantin, Paris)


Jeune Cration

I received wonderful news that my work has been selected as one of 20 young photographers from Europe to be included in the Jeune Creation Exhibition. It will be shown in the Thaddhaeus Ropac gallery in Pantin, between July 8th and 21st, during an evening screening at the Jeune Creation gallery in Paris in July, site des Grands Voisins, in the 14th arrondissement and in Arles one evening during the opening week of the photography festival Rencontres d’Arles.

See information here

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH



Phases Magazine

A collection of my photographs have been published in the beautiful Phases Magazine. See it here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.58.16

athens photo book exhibition

I am delighted to announce that my book ‘archipelago’ has been selected for the photo-book exhibition at Athens Photo Festival in July 2017. more information can be found on their website here


like no other

Rob contrast



nights spent by the ocean illuminated by the full moon


bird contrast polaroid

Yogurt Magazine


I am very pleased to have my series ‘Sacrosanct Remnants’ featured on the beautiful and intimate Yogurt Magazine. See it here!




Arte Laguna Prize 2017


I am honoured to say that my photograph from the series A ‘Portrait Of Grief’ has been selected as a finalist for the Art Laguna Prize, to be exhibited in the Arsenale of Venice from the 25th March to the 9th April. More information can be found here.


the range


a hand offering the jewels of nature

a white rose and the road to the mountains

the door

“expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. you are free.”
– jim morrison

the breath of winter

dead orchaids

montenegrin worship

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 23.23.19


The time has come, I have released our film ‘Montenegrin Worship’. With accumulated footage over a years journey, this film gives a strong insight into our lives living and writing on the roads of Europe.

See it here!

the waiting room



join us at the waiting room on the 19th of january for a showcase of our work. We will be premiering our first film ‘montenegrin worship’ followed by a live performance and an exhibition of new analogue prints made in our darkroom.More information here


Creative Review Showcase

It is wonderful to be featured alongside some great talent. See a showcase of my project here on the creative view website here




Creative Review Photography Annual 2016


I am very excited to say that my work has been selected for the Creative Review Photography Annual awards. The Magazine is going on sale todayhere


my eye on you




our first release as samana is to be a collaborative piece with pablo and james from unkle and appears alongside nick cave, warren ellis, trentmoller and steve mason on the album ‘my eye on you’. see a teaser here!




it is the faces we hold dearest that we shall never see again.

the gateway through emotion




the roads pulse


the road softly calls.

its slate blue pulse,

leaving like the rivers

always to another place.

reflecting the light


reflecting the light

unchanged by recollections and the premise of emotions,

the history of a moment sails the movement of the memory.

in times of stillness, it may pass through;

an unmarked ship on still waters

waving the flag of time disintegrating,

its fields of ashes slowly returning to the stars.

always honest


let us take the best out of the worst of this situation. as a generation, we have the power. let us reform, unite and make changes with compassion and strength. let the shake up shake off the passiveness and allow every individual to speak out and rise up with a voice!

the darkroom

after collecting elements of the darkroom from all over england, i developed my first batch of negatives and produced the prints in the starlit hours of the valley whilst listening to paris texas on vinyl. here are a small selection, preserving love, creation and being.

der grief


my work has been selected from over 3000 photographers and authors from over 100 countries for issue 9 of the beautiful german photography magazine der grief. you can pre-order a copy of this powerful magazine here 

golden seeds

” the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”

– Socrates

samana film


here is a sneak preview of some stills taken from a short film we are currently working on, accompanying an musical improvisation from samana that will be released soon.


  • Track Heart Shaped Box
  • Artist Nirvana
  • Album In Utero

darwin magazine interview

I have been interviewed by darwin magazine about my series ‘the religion of the mind’.

See the interview online here

R.R.H 7

blue mountains


a small compilation of photo collages from images gathered over my time living on the road

all in one place


All in one place



“normality is a paved road:

It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow”

– vincent van gough

void 21

21n voids


in ode to my brother


we have moved to an old farmhouse in Wales, where the nights are silent and the stars overspill into the deepest valleys. isolation for inspiration.



Everything must move, to survive and to transform. Trees scatter seeds, flowers distribute pollen, if you look at the symbiotic relationship between organisms, they interact for the mutual benefit of one another, it is the pattern of nature to share and to provide possibilities. Everything transfers energy and is affected by the energy transferred by others.

every moment


every moment of living has its own logic, its own meaning

returning to the stars


“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” 
― David Bowie




“Important lessons: look carefully; record what you see. find a way to make beauty necessary; find a way to make necessity beautiful.” 

– anne michaels

back for christmas


We spent our last days on the road in the hidden heart of a german forest, lifted straight from the pages of a grimm’s fairytale. We lost ourselves in the beautiful isolation, walking for hours through the morning mists, collecting samples of star moss and pine needles. We rode our dutch bicycles in every direction along the forest tracks and stalked through the high yellow fields of rapeseed until the sun set behind the trees. After this ceremonious departure with Germany, we drove back throughout the night to board the first ferry in order to make it back home in time for christmas.


samana limited edition cd’s for sale

we are now selling the hand made limited editions of our album samana. the album was recorded at dawn in a remote slovenian forest in one take and is a beautiful collection of emotional, honest songs written over the past year spent on the road together living in an old van, travelling around the remote corners of europe. the album packaging is completely hand made, all the lettering is hand-typed, and each cd is individually numbered and sealed in gold wax with a pressed wild flower picked from the various mountains and forests in which the songs were written.

you can find the cd’s for sale here

  • Track Nepenthe
  • Artist Samana
  • Album The Road Recordings

glowing markets


taken in our last few hours in berlin, in the snow, and glowing lights of the christmas markets

hamburg concert

our band samana has a gig in hamburg at the beautiful venue; the mobile blues club on the 4th december.

the mobile blues club is open from 21:00

more information can be found on their website


a white winter


playing to the berliners in the winter snow.

performing to the streets



here are some pictures taken by the photographer daniel nadel of us playing our music to the streets of Ljubljana.

silver birch

last night we slept in a silver birch forest. We woke up to a bitter blue sky, with golden sunlight pouring through the trees. The higher branches were arching and crackling as they overlapped and constructed the shape of the wind, their trunks lost in a blanket of copper ferns. We took one of the endless tracks down the rows of forest after a curious doberman started circling the van. We drank milky coffee, and warmed our feet before returning to the Northern road.

accompaniments for the road

  • Track Dreams
  • Artist Fleetwood Mac
  • Album Rumours
  • Track Road
  • Artist Nick Drake
  • Album Pink Moon
  • Track Our Love
  • Artist Sharon Van Etten
  • Album Are We There Yet

samana concert




My love and I have joined forces musically under the name Samana.

We will be playing a concert at 9pm, on the 30th October at The Brunswick in Hove to share with everyone what we have created together over the past eight months living on the road. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to join us for what we hope to be a beautiful evening.

golden miles



We are currently in emerald Slovenia.

We recently spent two weeks in the isolated mountains, picking wild strawberries up the mountains in lightning storms.

We are now in the city of Ljubljana, cycling round the streets, playing our new songs from the wild of untouched Slovenia to the people.

Here are a collection of photographs from the past few months.

Internet is as sparse as a lunar eclipse.

morning rituals



‘the best of the worst’ – bowlegs session


“if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”

– George Harrison



the black forest


From the miles that have passed our wheels, we are in the heart of The Black Forest in Germany.

Frozen lakes, auditoriums of pine, naked howls from high trekked peaks, abandoned old farm towns and empty churches.

time awaits


i am ready for the road

I have my old Mercedes van

I have my bare feet

I have my glittering gut

I am ready for the road


  • Track Mojo Pin
  • Artist Jeff Buckley
  • Album Grace
  • Track Blue
  • Artist Cat Power
  • Album Jukebox
  • Track Hot Dreams
  • Artist Timbre Timbre
  • Album Hot Dreams



always listen to the signs that speak to you.

trust them with your instincts.


  • Track The Way
  • Artist B.P.B
  • Album Master And Everyone
  • Track I'm A Dreamer
  • Artist Josephine Foster
  • Album I'm A Dreamer
  • Track Pink Moon
  • Artist Nick Drake
  • Album Pink Moon

archipelago exhibition


The Naked Eye Gallery are delighted to announce an exceptional, emotive photographic exhibition by artist, photographer, musician and poet, Rebecca Harris. In her exhibition ‘Archipelago’, Rebecca invites the viewer to see the world from her own abstract viewpoint and to heighten our awarenesses of our environment by embracing a new perspective which largely goes unnoticed by many people. Through her work, Rebecca endeavors to connect with the viewer on a profoundly intimate level and hopes to encourage people to question and extend their own peripheries, to see no limitations, and to depart from her work perceptibly altered.

Rebecca is a lifelong, self-taught artist who attributes her skills to receiving an elective assortment of precious knowledge and advice passed on from exceptional individuals she has met through the years and her constant desire to learn and discover. This thirst for knowledge she describes as an ‘eternal flame’ is central to the work she produces today.

Rebecca draws inspiration from every life including the subconscious, dreams, rituals, death, nature, intimacy, pioneers and the philosophical constructs and unexplainable complexities of this cyclical existence. With this inspiration, Rebecca utilizes a range of mediums including poetry, photography and fine art to draw attention to the things that are lost, to extract the beauty from the darkness and crystallize the ceremony of reforming and remembering. Her work often derives from turning the mirror onto herself, meticulously studying her islands and the interior of her mind and heart to conjure strong, abstract imagery. She states: ‘Akin to Rimbaud, I have consumed all of my life’s poisons through the disorganization of all the senses, and kept their quintessences’.

The Archipelago exhibition runs at the Naked Eye Gallery, 5 Farm Mews, Farm Road, Hove, BN3 1GH from Saturday 11th October – Thursday 23rd October